What is District of Change?

In the District of Change we strive to be a force for positive change. We are an inclusive community of strong, committed, and dedicated people. We are united behind a game bigger than ourselves.

We are strong and empowered women. We believe in and stand for gender and racial equality. We stand on the broad shoulders of our sisters and brothers of the past who carried the torches of freedom and equality. We use our platform for positive change. We pick up that torch now and continue the work.

March On Washington


On August 28, 2963, over 250,000 Americans gathered on the nation’s civic stage to draw attention to the blight of segregation, and to make the appeal for the civic and economic rights of African-Americans. Now, much like in 1963, the fight for democracy continues. Since the beginning of 2021, more than 400 voter suppression bills have been introduced in 49 states and the 700,000 residents of D.C. are still being denied full voting rights and representation in Congress.

On August 28th, the 58th anniversary of the March On Washington, we’re marching once more to call for a democracy where all Americans finally have full and equal rights. We will march for voting rights. We will march for D.C. statehood. We will march to ensure Black and Brown Americans have full access to our democracy.

Following the March, join us for the Mystics game as we share stories from our players, our fans and some historical icons to commemorate this historical moment.



All are welcome on our court. We believe in full inclusion, dignity, and equality for all LGBTQ+ people. Our community is inclusive and believe there is space for all to shine.



The District of Change Artist T-Shirt Collection is a new community apparel series created to spotlight local artists.

These artists have created designs exclusively for the WNBA’s Washington Mystics.

In 2021, we’ve partnered with the Congress Heights Arts and Culture Center as the beneficiary of this program.

These unique designs capture our collective commitment to activism and community engagement expressed in the pillars of the Mystics’ District of Change platform: Gender Equality, Racial Equality, and LGBTQ+ Equality and proceeds from the District of Change Artist Collection directly benefit the artist.