Be loud! Be part of the show! Create Pandamonium!


Pandamonium is the best fan section in the WNBA!

In these sections, being hype is encouraged and the cheers fuel our players. Pandamonium allows you to be surrounded by Mystics fanatics and included in the excitement. Here, you can make as much noise as you want, and we want to see it! Celebrate every three point shot and every and-1 scored. The louder, the better!

This family-friendly environment allows fans of all ages to get excited and let their passion for the Mystics come out! Between clapping your thunder sticks or waving your towels, we want to see it all! Pax the Panda also frequently visits Pandamonium, and fans in these seats are frequently featured on the videoboard.

Pandamonium is located in sections 101-102 and 110-111.



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Multiple Home Games

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