The Washington Mystics and Stackwell are teaming up to make the ultimate assist.

Through the Mystics Assist DC Program presented by Stackwell, for every assist made by a Mystics player this season,
$25 will be donated to College Track Southeast D.C.



Empowering the next generation of Black investors. Our mission is to create real, meaningful, generational change by providing the Black community with the financial investment tools and guidance necessary to help build lasting wealth, equity, and equal opportunity – because change is long overdue.

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How can you help?
Mystics fans can team up with the Mystics to help make their own assist to College Track.
Help us reach our goal of $20,000 raised!

Join us as we equip these persistent, creative and extraordinary young students with the tools they need to reach their potential.
Thank you for your support!


College TrackLearn more about College Track and the Southeast D.C. location, including even more ways you can help or volunteer.

The College Track Ward Southeast D.C. Campus is located at Friendship Technology Preparatory High School, across the street from St. Elizabeth’s East. College Track believes bachelor’s degree remains the best predictor of economic mobility, civic engagement, lifelong wellness, and self-agency. By serving students from low-income communities who will become the first in their family to graduate from college, College Track fulfills the promise of higher education for generations to come.