1-on-1 with Stefanie Dolson

WashingtonMystics.com had a chance to talk with Mystics center Stefanie Dolson for an exclusive one-on-one Q&A session.


WashingtonMystics.com: What are you most excited about for this season?

Stefanie Dolson: I think how good our team can be. We have a lot of people from last year, so the chemistry we already have from last year, we’re just building on that. I’m excited about how good we can be.


WM: What has been an unexpected aspect of playing for the Mystics or being in the WNBA that you’ve enjoyed?

SD: I think what we do off the court. I think our team does a really good job of hanging out with each other. I think a lot of teams I know don’t really hang out as much. Because, you think the WNBA, it’s older women, they have their own lives, but we have kind of a young team. So, we enjoy hanging out together, we were watching the game together last night. That’s the one thing I’m kinda surprised about, that I love.


WM: Share with Mystics fans what you did this offseason

SD: I played overseas. I played in Russia for the first half, until about January, and then I played in Turkey the second half for four months.


WM: How has it been different so far in your second season compared with your rookie year?

SD: It’s way different. I think you have just an added comfort level, kind of knowing how Coach T works, what he expects from you, how hard you have to work. You’re not as nervous when you know what to expect so you can kind of just come in and play your game.


WM: Best part of being in DC?

SD: The restaurants, I think DC is one of the best spots. It has so many different restaurants, different cuisines: Thai, Indian, American, sushi, everything! It’s just a melting pot— it has so many different people. So I love it so far, one of the best cities. {My favorite is] the Hamilton. They have so much food— you can never go wrong with what you get there.


WM: Who’s the funniest Mystic and why?

SD: I think the funniest Mystic is Kara, because she’s a brat. Nah, because people underestimate her. They see her on TV and she has her TV personality, but then off the court she’s such a ham. I mean there’s a lot of moments where she’s serious, but she’s so sarcastic and once you learn her humor….like oh my God, she won’t even do anything and I’ll just sit there laughing at her because I know something’s gonna happen.


WM: What’s your pregame and postgame ritual?

SD: I don’t really have one. I’m not a big superstitious person. So the main thing I do is make sure I have make up on because it if you look good, you feel good, so you play good. The first thing is looking good for me. I make sure my hair’s on point, and then everything else just kinda comes in. Postgame, I usually like to cold tub so my legs are fresh.


WM: Favorite non-Mystics team?

SD: I’m kind of a bandwagoner, I just kinda bounce around from team to team. This off-season Coach T had me watching a lot of Marc Gasol, so I watched a lot of Memphis Grizzlies. So I did like them this year, but last year I didn’t like them. So each year is different. I’m from New York so I’m a big Yankees fan, but I can’t even say I follow them that much. Baseball’s too slow for me.


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