1-on-1 with Ally Malott

WashingtonMystics.com had a chance to talk with Mystics forward Ally Malott for an exclusive one-on-one Q&A session.


WashingtonMystics.com: How did you prepare coming in as a rookie? What has the transition to the WNBA been like for you?

Ally Malott: Before I knew I was going to get drafted, I put myself through some tough workouts with my college team and coaches. I think [the WNBA] is different. Everything’s just a different pace: the game and the strength. It was kind of just adjusting to the speed, and [the coaches] have helped me a lot with transitioning.


WM.com: What has been an unexpected aspect of playing for the Mystics or being in the WNBA that you’ve enjoyed?

AM: Coming from college, you have to juggle class and study tables and all the little things, like meetings. Coming here, it’s nice because you just get to focus on basketball and that’s it. So you have all day to do pretty much whatever you want. I think that’s been the best part for me.


WM.com: What are you most excited for this season?

AM: I guess just seeing how much this team can succeed. I think we have a lot of potential. I’m kinda looking forward to see how we use that and push to the playoffs.


WM.com: What’s been your favorite moment of the season so far?

AM: Not a favorite moment so to say, but the game with Chicago I think we were really firing on all cylinders. I don’t know what our shooting percentage was, but it was just really fun to watch and the time that I got to play, because we were just really sharing the ball well.


WM.com: What’s the best part of living in DC?

AM: Well it’s a lot different. The traffic is crazy, so that’s not the best part, that’s the worst part. I would say there’s always something going on. Where I’m from it’s pretty boring, so if you want to go downtown or to Georgetown—I love shops so I love Georgetown and the Harbor. There’s always stuff going on.


WM.com: Who are you closest with on the team or who mentors you?

AM: I don’t know if I’m close so to speak with a particular person, I hang out with everyone. Probably Stef talks to me a lot, we’re kinda the same position and she’s younger so we hang out. She’s helped me a lot.


WM.com: Do you have a pregame and postgame ritual?

No, not really! I’m not interesting in that sense.


WM.com: What’s your favorite (non-Mystics) DC team?

AM: Well I’m a Reds fan, so I can’t say the Nationals. I would say the Wizards, just because I’ve never been to a hockey game.


WM.com: What’s your favorite thing to do off the court?

AM: Lay by the pool, I love it!