On Saturday, May 15 the Mystics will begin a new era as they debut the first of three new WNBA Nike HER Edition uniforms. The team will kick off the 2021 season debuting its red Nike Explorer Edition uniform when they take the court against the Chicago Sky, the team’s first game back at Entertainment & Sports Arena since winning the 2019 WNBA Championship.

The WNBA Nike HER Edition uniforms take inspiration from the league’s 12 cities and communities, bringing them to life as female archetypes: the Heroine, the Explorer, and the Rebel. Below, we will take a look at what parts of Washington, D.C. and American history the Mystics new uniforms represent, and when you can expect to see the team wearing each one.

Nike Heroine and Explorer Editions

The story of the Heroine is that she is powerful and enduring, strong and sophisticated. She inspires love for the game and is the embodiment of a dynamic sisterhood – one that works to realize a future that makes space for all to shine.

The Explorer looks beyond what is in front of her and is never satisfied. She is motivated by the pioneers that came before and disrupts in their honor. She savors the biggest moments and is always ready to take the final shot. She will leave her mark on the game and on the culture.

Both archetypes embody what it means to be a Washington Mystic. The collaboration, communication, and teamwork that the Heroine demonstrates are qualities that were vital in the team’s 2019 WNBA Championship run. The revolutionary nature of the Explorer is reflected in this team which is standing up to be leaders in the District of Change.

The Mystics Nike Heroine and Explorer Edition jerseys are uniquely D.C. They feature a distinctive neckline that mimics the silhouette of the team’s primary logo and sets them apart from all other jerseys. Beneath the neckline sits a single silver star – a nod to the Mystics continued support for D.C. to become the 51st state. The organization stands in solidarity with the 712,000 District residents seeking full representation and the movement for D.C. Statehood.

On the back of the neck sits a silver championship tag. This patch forever binds the team to the historic 2019 season and inspires a relentless chase for another WNBA Championship. The silver DC logo embroidered on the side of the shorts also signifies a championship culture and the team’s residence in the District of Champions.

Also featured on the shorts is the iconic Potomac Bluestone rock marbling found in historic architecture all around Washington, D.C. When worn together, the jersey and shorts form a monument apex on the sides.

The Mystics will wear their Nike Heroine Edition jerseys on May 18 vs. Phoenix, June 8 vs. Minnesota, June 13 at Atlanta, June 24 at Los Angeles, July 10 at Chicago, August 24 vs. Los Angeles, August 31 vs. Connecticut, and September 7 at Seattle.

Nike Explorer Edition jerseys will debut on May 15 vs. Chicago, and will be worn again on May 21 vs. New York, May 23 at Indiana, May 25 at Indiana, May 28 at Connecticut, June 10 vs. Los Angeles, June 17 vs. Atlanta, June 22 at Seattle, June 26 at Dallas, August 15 at Las Vegas, August 17 at Las Vegas, August 19 at Phoenix, August 22 vs. Dallas, September 4 at Minnesota, September 10 vs. Atlanta, September 12 at Chicago, and September 19 vs. Minnesota.

Rebel Edition

In the District of Change, we Rise up. We rise to the challenge to win not only on the court, but in our community. We rise for equality, for justice, and to champion inclusion for all. Honoring those that came before us and acknowledging the continued progress we must make; we are proud to present the Mystics 2021 Rebel Edition uniform.

This uniform seeks to echo the historic moments for gender, racial and LGBTQ+ equality voiced throughout our Nation’s capital. From the women’s suffrage and civil rights movements to today’s protests for civil liberties and social justice, Washington, D.C. has always been a center for transformational movements that have sought to better our society.

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The Mystics will wear their Nike Rebel Edition jerseys on June 5 vs. Las Vegas, June 19 vs. Indiana, June 29 vs. Connecticut, July 3 at New York, August 28 vs. Dallas, and September 17 at New York.