Mystics Season Rewind: Evina Westbrook & Jazmine Jones

We are going back into the 2022 season and analyzing some of the later additions to our team in this Mystics Season Rewind – Evina Westbrook and Jazmine Jones 

Westbrook’s Season Rewind 

Evina Westbrook joined our team mid-season from Minnesota, to help expand the depth of our bench in the back court. 

Evina played in six games for us, and averageding 3.3 points per game,. She also as well as totaled six multi-assists games after signing with us Stics in June. 

On August 5, Evina recorded her a career-high, 10 points, going 3 of4 from the field and 2 of3 from the 3pt line against in our match-up against Chicago.  

Evina made her mark on all ends of the floor. Against the Liberty, she brought in five points, three rebounds, four assists, and two steals.  

Jones’ Season Rewind 

Jazmine Jones came to the District later in the season to strengthen our team right before our playoff run. 

In Jazmine’s debut game with us, she was able to still make an impact as a supportive force off the bench. Her energy was unmatched, and it felt like she had been with us all season.  

 Although the WNBA season is over, Jazmine is making an impact in Israel as she plays on team Ramat Hasharon. She recently scored 26 points, 7 rebounds, and 2 assists in her first game of the EuroBasket season.