Mystics Abroad: December 5-11

Another week is in the books overseas, as most of the Mystics were in action in Israel, Europe and Australia.

Tayler Hill scored 31 points and added six assists in Bnot Hertzeliya’s 94-84 win.

Leilaini Mitchell (23 points) and Ally Malott (19 points) both had big games to lead their respective teams in Australia to wins.

Below you’ll find all of the performances from the week.

Player Performances: December 5-11

Israeli League Round 4

12/5: Maccabi R.Gan vs. Bnot Hertzeliya
Hill (BH): 31p/4r/6a in 94-84 win.

FIBA EuroLeague Women 2017

12/7: ESBVA-LM vs. UMMC Ekaterinburg
Meesseman (UMMC): 10p/6r in 88-69 win.

12/7: Dynamo Kursk vs. USK Praha
Vaughn (PRA): 5p/5r in 69-66 loss.

FIBA EuroCup Women 2017

12/7: Royal Castors Braine vs. Spar Citylift Girona
Copper (RCB): 20p/5r/3s in 65-56 loss.

Australia’s Women’s National Basketball League Round 10

12/8: Canberra vs. Sydney
Mitchell (SYD): 23p/6a in 84-73 win.

12/9: Adelaide vs. Dandenong
Malott (DAND): 9p/4r in 79-64 win.

12/10: Sydney vs. Bendigo
Mitchell (SYD): 10p/5r/3a in 70-55 loss.

12/10: Townsville vs. Melbourne
Cloud (TOWN): 5p/8r/4a in 93-66 win.

12/11: Perth vs. Dandenong
Malott (DAND): 19p/5r in 92-71 win.

Belgium-Top Division Women Round 11

12/10: Houthalen vs. Royal Castors Braine
Copper (RCB): 8p/8r in 70-53 win.

Russian League Round 9

12/11: UMMC Ekaterinburg vs. Kazanochka
Meesseman (UMMC): 4p/2r in 75-49 win.

The Week Ahead: December 12-18

Israeli League Round 5

12/12: Bnot Herzeliya vs. H.R.Le-Zion

FIBA EuroLeague Women 2017

12/14: Nadezhda vs. UMMC Ekaterinburg
12/14: Fenerbahce vs. USK Praha

FIBA EuroCup Women 2017

12/14: Rutronick Stars Keltern vs. Royal Castors Braine

Australia’s Women’s National Basketball League Round 11

12/16: Adelaide vs. Townsville
12/17: Sydney vs. Dandenong

Turkish League Round 8

12/17: Mersin MKB vs. AGÜ Spor

Czech Republic League Round 15

12/17: USK Praha vs. Handicap Brno

Belgium-Top Division Women Round 12

12/18: Oostende vs. Royal Castors Braine

Russian League Round 10

12/18: Dynamo NR vs. UMMC Ekaterinburg