‘Lady Blue Flames’ Season Recap

Let’s rewind and dive into one of last season’s newest additions to our Mystics family and the WNBA’s first-ever active women NBA2K streamer, Shanice aka ‘Lady Blue Flames’.


“Lady Blue Flames” Recap 

This season, we welcomed our first-ever first women streamer to the Monumental Sports family. We partnered with Wizards District Gaming in a continued effort to support the evolution of women gamers in our industry. Lady Blue Flames, the first active female streamer on a WNBA franchise, has been playing as the Washington Mystics, interacting with fans and showcasing the WNBA Mode of 2K22 all season long. Fans have been able to watch Shanice weekly as she hosts two 3+ hour weekly streams on the Wizards District Gaming Twitch channel.    

NBA2K has been exploring more of the WNBA with each new iteration of the game. The game includes WNBA player ratings and settings that allow gamers to play as different WNBA teams. A new game mode was added, called “The W”, where the players could activate modes like “MyWNBA” and create female players in the “MYPLAYER” mode. Lady Blue Flames has been using these different modes and features as she transcends the video gaming space.  Shanice says “The WNBA mode is a major reason why my stream career has gone the way it has and why it began! I love basketball and that’s why I have always played 2K. The Mystics and the WNBA have a special place in my heart and to have that represented in a game was also a dream come true.” Shanice has paired with our team to help trailblaze the gaming space for more women and girls.  

Esports is an evolving section of sports, and Shanice has helped that evolution process in regard to women in the gaming space. Since joining the team, Shanice has assisted as a guest analyst on one of the Wizard District Gaming broadcasts, attended a Washington Mystics game and had a pop-up gaming station on the arena concourse.   


During the pop-up gaming station at the Mystics game, Shanice showed her skills on the Xbox and explained to people how she got into playing NBA2K. “I first started playing NBA2K with 2K12 and it is still one of my favorite 2K games.  

If you missed Shanice in action this season and want to see Lady Blue Flames dominant on the court as the Mystics, click here to stream her games on Twitch.