Coach T’s Take: The Draft

Our Picks:

Round 1: Pick 7
Round 2: Pick 7 (19th overall)
Round 3: Pick 7 (31st overall)

What are we looking for?

A wing player. When asked what he was going after in this year’s draft, Coach T addressed that “we are deep in the post” and that “the strength of this draft is guards and wing players.” He went on to say that we will specifically be looking for a wing player, “something we have been trying to address for the long-term.” Aside from that, there were no names dropped, no hints, no nothing, as to who he would specifically be picking. We don’t want anyone moving in on our prospects.

How do we decide who we want?

Interviews help. Aside from pinpointing players based on position or statistics, the coaches interview every first-round draft prospect as well as most of the potential second-round draft picks. Some of these interviews happened at the Final Four this past weekend. (Is that considered a hint?)

Speaking of 2nd round picks – how hard is it for them to make the team?

Very difficult. In general, there aren’t that many roster spots in the league (only 144) so it is difficult for those players to make the cut.

On the flip-side, who has the best success rate to stay in the league?

First 6 or 7 picks. In Coach T’s opinion, the first 6 or 7 picks in the first round have the best success rate in the league. Looks like we have a good chance to have that success with our 7th overall pick.

Tune into the 2018 WNBA Draft on Thursday, April 12 beginning at 7:00PM ET on ESPN2 then continuing on ESPNU at 8:00PM ET for the 2nd & 3rd rounds.