Most Valuable Kids

The Stafford Foundation, Most Valuable Kids (MVK), and Monumental Sports & Entertainment have teamed up to create The Stafford Foundation Youth Athletics Community Champions Program (YACCP).

The program is designed to:

  • Provide no-cost ongoing athletic learning and training opportunities for underserved youth through exclusive NHL, NBA, and WNBA clinics and programs
  • Enable adult mentors and community leaders to bring children to Washington Capitals, Wizards, and Mystics sporting events at no cost
  • Recognize outstanding youths for community, scholastic and athletic achievement in minority communities
  • Recognize local coaches, leaders, and organizations who are doing good for youth athletics and/or academics programs
  • Increase awareness and promote diverse community of participation in local youth hockey, boys’ basketball, and girls’ basketball programs

To participate in The Stafford Foundation Youth Athletics Community Champions Program, click HERE. Once you have registered with Most Valuable Kids, you will be eligible to participate in the YACCP, as well as the other opportunities Most Valuable Kids provides.

MVK's mission is to help combat juvenile delinquency, promote an appreciation of athletics and culture and, most importantly, foster academic and social achievement by creating a merit system whereby participating recipient agencies can reward children for social and academic progress and accomplishment. This reward system of being able to attend professional and collegiate sporting events and cultural performances promotes self-esteem and illustrates to children the merits of philanthropy, personal discipline, determination, and perseverance. MVK provides an avenue for building strong character among our local youth, creating unforgettable memories at the same time. MVK is also proud to partner with non-profit organizations that support active duty military and their dependents, especially soldiers recuperating at local military hospitals.

For more information about the YACCP program or MVK, call the Most Valuable Kids office at 202-527-7952.