Over-weight & Late!


Hope everyone is doing well. I wasnt planning on posting anything until I arrived in Russia but I couldnt help but update you all on why I am STILL in the USA

As some of you may know my departure date to Russia has changed several times. Originally, I was supposed to leave on October 5th, then the 11th, and then TODAY the 9th! The uncertainty was a result of not knowing when my visa would be processed and sent back to me. Well, after expediting my paperwork my passport and visa were delivered to my house at 7am this morning before my noon flight to NY. I had been all packed and ready to go for about a week so I was feeling mentally ready and optimistic for the trip! My whole family took me to Reagan National Airport where I had a long and stressful check-in. I was proud of having packed only 2 checked bags and 2 carry-ons.. Well, one bag was 83 lbs.! After holding up the line for over 45 minutes, I ended up checking 3 stupid bags and paying annoying fees. Then my family and I said our emotional see you laters and I was on my way.

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