eyes up dcIt’s human nature to let our head hang. To look down. It takes strength, power, and practice to raise our head up. This is why we’re taught early and reminded often to hold our heads high and see what’s ahead, to make eye contact and not stare at the ground; to “look up and pay attention.”

It’s how we learn to play the game. When we run, dribble, shoot, we’re taught to keep our eyes up. We learn to see our next move, watch our opponents, communicate with our teammates.  Win or lose—we always see it through to the end.

It’s why we seek inspiration and find role models. People to look up to. The ones who came before us and paved the way—moms, dads, sisters, brothers, teachers, coaches, leaders—our heroes.

The lessons, the trailblazers, the hard work, the past 19 seasons have set the stage. Expectations are set and we’re now the role models. We’re locked in.  We’re not looking down, we’re not looking back.

#EyesUpDC, this is a whole new era of Mystics basketball…

And you’re going to want to be here to see it.